Varna real estate is one of the most frequent requests of European investors

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Varna real estate is one of the most frequent requests of European investors

Varna real estateThe unique charm of Varna gives the Varna real estate a special flavor

Varna has something to offer those who want to buy an apartment or a house near the sea. The most frequent purchase of Varna real estate- apartments in complexes adapted for foreign owners and tourists, investors choose houses in the nearest suburbs of Varna less often. Cozy streets, pedestrian promenade, sandy beaches and fresh juicy fruits are all familiar and cute to the heart of our tourist. However, the rest here goes far beyond the beach. In Varna, there is everything necessary for lovers of antiquities and excursions - ancient architecture, museums and monuments, a royal estate and a large cathedral.

Varna real estate for those who are not indifferent to the sea

In modern Varna you can visit many museums, theaters, cinemas. The whole sandy city beach of Varna is open; all along it is separated by the so-called Sea Garden. There are dozens of shops, cafes, restaurants, discos and other places of entertainment. The Black Sea coast offers a chain of wonderful beaches with small coves and quiet fishing villages. Here you can feel all the charm of home cooking and the comfort of private boarding houses and houses. Those who are not indifferent to the sea will have great pleasure from summer walks along the Alley on the waterfront. There are differences in the design of the seasons. Winter is mild, snow falls very rarely, and when it falls - it quickly melts. Comparatively warm sea water affects the temperature of the air

Even in the "dead" season real estate Varna is popular

Choosing a place for swimming, especially with children, it is also necessary to take into account not only that the beaches of large cities rarely boast of especially clean water, but also that Varna is the largest port city in Bulgaria. Therefore, Varna can be recommended more as an object of cultural and historical heritage, rather than as a place for beach holidays with the family. In Varna, you can spend your holiday at any time of the year. And even in the "dead" season balneotherapeutic rooms of the resort city will help the holiday-makers to regain their strength. At the same time you can get acquainted with all the sights in a much quieter environment.

Buy real estate in Varna in one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria

Young people here are attracted by bars and discos with a variety of music and democratic prices. At night, the beaches of Varna are transformed, and the fun does not cease until the morning. The port of Varna is one of the most important "nerve centers" of the Bulgarian economy. From here to all countries of the world ships loaded with Bulgarian goods are sent. Varna is one of the oldest and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria. The azure sea, golden beaches and flowering gardens attract tourists from all corners of Europe. In Varna there is a rich cultural life: concerts, exhibitions, film premieres, productions of young talented theater directors of the "new wave". If you are interested, you can find more information on our website
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