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Information about properties in Bulgaria

Properties in BulgariaA good choice - properties in Bulgaria

What is the eternal question of all property hunters? It could possibly be the one concerning a location. This time we present you one of the most attractive destinations, which you can use for both personal and business purposes in the real estate respect, of course. This place is Bulgaria, the European country that provides the worthy life quality, nice business opportunities, the good environment, etc. Add the absorbing national culture, customs, cuisine, and so on. You will not regret your decision to consider properties in Bulgaria as your next serious realty choice.

Apartments and their value among properties in Bulgaria

How about having a beautiful flat with all amenities in the Bulgarian capital or in a popular resort spot, for instance? This is quite possible and affordable thing, especially taking into account the flexible and attractive laws for buyers. The taxes for property owners are very democratic and are believed to be ones of the lowest on the continent. Taking all this into account, you can buy an apartment in any part of the country. It is obvious that prices for penthouse accommodations, studios, three-bedroom flats, maisonettes, and other apartment types will vary. Their location (Sofia, Varna, Bansko, Golden Sands, Plovdiv, etc.), the state, the square meters, and other criteria will influence the price as well as taxes you will have to pay. The average price for a one-bedroom apartment is €30,000-40,000. A two-bedroom apartment value varies from €30,000 and higher. However, you have to be ready for much more expensive flats somewhere in the recreational zones, in the centres of cities, etc.

House property in Bulgaria

Can you not get rid of picturing yourself in your own house? Do not waste your time on dreams – have a look at house offers throughout Bulgaria. The choice is impressive. Huge shining villas, grand townhouses, inviting two-storey homes, comfortable chalets, etc. Depending on your taste, financial status, and other criteria you are free to buy a bungalow in the countryside or an elegant multi-storey house in a city or near a resort zone. The prices will surprise you. A house can be yours for as low as €3,000. In this case, you have to be prepared to get not the newest (probably non-living) accommodation that requires an urgent repair. On the other hand, exquisite houses with the designer interiors can cost from €90,000 to €200,000. Such purchases will be furnished and in the excellent condition.

Your property in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the land where you can come across your dream home. It is the place blessed with the breathtaking nature, the comfortable climate, and the hospitable people. At last. It is the spot where you can satisfy your property intentions with ease after following simple rules and requirements. Make a step towards possessing some realty in this country with us. Your way to a dream will be delightful on
TOP Properties
City / Community: Bliznaci village

Available apartments: 12

from $82 676
to $188 564
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 7

from $39 078
to $107 732
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $116 543
to $128 146
City / Community: Sozopol city

Available apartments: 53

from $56 370
to $192 212
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