Many can buy a property for sale in Marbella

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Many can buy a property for sale in Marbella

property for sale marbellaBuy property for sale in Marbella still at a low price

Spain Resorts has always attracted our compatriots. And now the resort property is of great interest to those who each year spend their vacations under the sunny Spanish sky. And, of course, the most "hot" in all respects Spanish market can rightly be called Marbella. Due to the fact that the prices here are still below the peak pre-crisis rates, many people can buy property for sale in Marbella. And among them - not only those who dreamed of a private residence for a holiday in this fashionable resort, but also those who have moved here for a permanent residence.

Buy property for sale in Marbella: go for the bonus

As you know, in Spain the crisis was not affected, perhaps, only the elite real estate segment. And it shows in the real estate market in Marbella. Prices for luxury apartments and luxury villas are still quite high. But namely this price segment attracts those who decided to move to Marbella for a permanent residence. Now every citizen of the third country that invests in real estate in Spain for at least five hundred thousand euros has the right to apply to automatically obtain a residence permit. All family members of the buyer also receive the so-called golden visa.

Property for sale in Marbella – buy a turnkey housing

Marbella offers both secondary and primary housing on quite favorable terms. Of course, not everyone can afford a home by the sea or just finished villa with a pool. But many have a real opportunity to acquire a modern, fresh and inexpensive apartment in Marbella. Many developers offer attractive housing at any stage of construction. Moreover, on completion you will get your house fully finished - turnkey property. And thanks to the mild climate, the construction is carried out even in winter and depends only on the complexity of the project.

Property for sale Marbella - you can buy using credit

You can find tempting offers of real estate in Marbella, not only in the primary market. In recent years, bank auctions are very popular among buyers, where the real estate is sold almost half the price. And to buy these objects can be even with the help of a credit, which is pretty easy to get in the same bank-seller under the low per annum for up to twenty years. To find the best offers of property in Marbella, please visit:
TOP Properties
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $116 775
to $128 401
City / Community: Bliznaci village

Available apartments: 12

from $82 841
to $188 940
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 6

from $39 156
to $61 101
City / Community: Sozopol city

Available apartments: 53

from $56 483
to $192 594
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