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Property for sale SofiaEnjoy the modern yet laid-back capital with a property for sale Sofia

The capital and the largest city in Bulgaria, Sofia is the hometown of some of the major local universities, cultural institutions and companies. Sofia is famous as a start-up hub, especially in IT. A largely modern and youthful city, property for sale Sofia is for those who will fall in love with its eclectic feel.

Live in the shadow of the Vitosha mountain with a property for sale in Sofia

Situated in the western part of Bulgaria, Sofia lays on the foothills of the Vitosha Mountain, which lies inside the oldest national park in the Balkans, the Vitosha nature park. The mountain is a popular hiking spot in the summer due to easy access by car and public transport and via cable cars from the outskirts of the city. In winter, favorable skiing conditions and multiple slopes of varying difficulty lure in many skiers to this place. So, it is natural that having a place in Sofia would be a good choice for someone who loves the outdoors.

Revel in the antiquity of the city with a property for sale in Sofia

Once known as Serdica, the city of Sofia has been a settlement from the neolithic period with the Thracians settling here. Excavations around the city have brought up remains from roman times, the Middle Ages, renaissance and early modern history. The various onion domed churches, ottoman mosques and the Red Army monuments lend an exotic feel to the city. A lover of history, culture and tradition would definitely be pulled towards Sofia which is also equally modern and bubbling with youthfulness. It is no wonder then that the city’s motto is ‘grows, but never ages’.

Enjoy the arts and entertainment with a property for sale in Sofia

A majority of Bulgaria’s leading performing arts troupes are centered in Sofia. Theatre is the most popular performing art here, with cinema coming a close second. Ballet and opera are celebrated here while Sofia has one of the largest IMAX cinemas in Europe. Get a place here in Sofia and be a constant part of the art scene. Whether you are an art connoisseur or a history lover, an outdoorsman or a businessman, Sofia offers something for everybody. Get your property here on the website
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