What are Borovets apartments?

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What are Borovets apartments?

Apartments in BorovetsNice place – nice Borovets apartments

A town clings to the Rila Mountains and absorbs both protection and beauty from them. The town is the place with the long history and it can ignite your imagination with the exciting stories about the past. The town also keeps the pace with time and has another side. This town is called Borovets, destination – Bulgaria. Fans of winter sports will recognize its name. Those who are unfamiliar with it – welcome to discover this amazingly attractive spot while looking for Borovets apartments.

Types of Borovets apartments and more

The history of the town started at the end of the 19th century. Since that time Borovets has earned the fame of the place ideal for outdoor activities and various sports types. Nature dictates the flow of life here. People come to enjoy the walks in the forests, mountains, around the lakes, etc. as well as to plunge themselves into the history of the country and the town while visiting monasteries, workshops, museums.  Despite the size, Borovets is not the mummified historical monument that sleeps surrounded by the natural wonders. The town breathes modernity into its clubs, cafes, discos, etc. Comfortable apartments also belong to our time and represent the nice accommodation choice in the town. What are these flats? The choice is the familiar one. Here you will find apartments consisting of one, two, and three bedrooms, bedsits, maisonettes, and even penthouse apartments. We will not surprise you after revealing that each of the variants on offer differs from another by state, size, location, presented amenities, and so on. That is the reason the price for one and the same apartment may vary throughout the town.

Lists of apartments Borovets variants

How wonderful it will be to enter your own flat after a horse-riding tour, dinner in the local restaurant, or just after an intense day in the town! The goal is achievable when you look in the right place. We are ready to guide you through various town properties. Let us start with studio flats, which can cost from €14,000. Prices for two-bedroom apartments differ and range from €30,000 to €75,000 and higher. A possible sum you may spend for a maisonette is €45,000-50,000. Expenses connected with one-bedroom flats are from €30,000. At last, an amazing penthouse with two floors and three bedrooms can be yours for €100,000. Apart from the property price, each buyer should be ready to pay the defined taxes, spend money for the repair (if needed), and similar things.

It is time for apartments Borovets searches

Bulgaria is the very hospitable place to all property hunters. The existing laws work on your side and allow both locals and foreigners to purchase realty with the minimum of obstacles. Your way to a flat in Borovets will also be light and enjoyable if you are with the right people in the right place. This place with lots of property variants is www.domaza.co.uk/borovets_apartments/
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