Pamporovo properties for holidays in one of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria

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Pamporovo properties for holidays in one of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria

Pamporovo propertiesPamporovo properties for rent

The most beautiful landscapes, unique landscapes and nature are the ski resort of Pamporovo. About 20 km of modern skiing tracks, new equipment and comfortable conditions for recreation attract tens of thousands of tourists a year. Most vacationers rent real estate. The cost of renting an apartment is from 30 euros per day. Apartment with two bedrooms and a communal pool costs from 60 euros per night. Rent of houses attracts tourists no less. The cost of renting such Pamporovo properties is from 80 euros per day.

Options of Pamporovo properties and prices

Very interesting offers are found in the secondary real estate market of this resort. The cost of apartments starts from 16000 euros. The successful location and quality of the property affect the price. The cost of houses is from 80,000 euros. Apartments with mountain views, penthouses and luxury stone cottages are in great demand. There is a shortage of luxury real estate. Many developers buy land around the resort and build new residential complexes and cottages. The increase in property prices in Pamporovo is predicted, so now is a good time to invest in the property of this resort.

Property in Pamporovo as a successful investment

The most profitable investment is investing in real estate. Many European investors choose Bulgaria for investment. The most important advantage is the price. Bulgaria is a country with a developed economy. The main part of the budget is the profit from tourism. Conditions for rest are improving every year. The quality of Bulgarian real estate meets European standards. Pamporovo is becoming a more popular resort, thanks to modern ski trails, prices and services. And own property is not only profit from the arena, but also rest at any time of the year.

Advantages of owning properties in Pamporovo

Rest in Pamporovo is suitable for tourists with different preferences. There is a school for teaching children how to ski and kindergartens for kids in Pamporovo. The ski slopes in Pamporovo are suitable for people with different levels of training. Pamporovo is not only a winter resort, but also a summer resort. A lot of hiking trails, waterfalls, caves attract tourists at any time of the year. Therefore, the rental of real estate will bring profit throughout the year. And own property is a rest in the most beautiful and picturesque place in Bulgaria. The cost and options for real estate in Pamporovo is on our website
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