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UK universities are struggling with new student visa rules

UK universities are struggling with new student visa rules Due to the tighter regulations and the serious errors in the way the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) implemented the changes genuine non-EU students are being left stranded and penniless, because private colleges close down, unable to keep their institutions going.

UK educational institutions are spending millions of pounds to navigate and implement the government's new student visa rules. Bigger universities spend up to £250,000 a year trying to understand regulations, whereas medium-sized colleges have had to recruit more members of staff to ensure they are correctly complying with the rules, which were introduced in 2009, but were significantly changed by the coalition last year in an effort to reveal and fend off bogus colleges and students.

Some of the biggest UK universities have a big student body complied by non-EU students and they can not afford to take risks when complying with the rules. Therefore, the consequences of not being able to recruit non-EU students would be enormous, unless the universities spend more money navigating the rules at a time when ministers wanted higher education to spend less time on administration and more on the quality of the experience students received.

Under the current rules, universities and colleges must have a highly trusted sponsor status to recruit non-EU students. Also, due to the tighter requirements, student applications from non-EU countries have dropped in numbers, especially from south Asia.
A report by the Institute of Public Policy Research revealed that the government's refusal to exclude international students from its campaign to reduce net migration is damaging British education and putting at risk £4bn to £6bn a year in benefits to the economy.


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