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Singing builder from Australia conquer social networks

The video with 22-year-old singer is gaining popularity in social networks. David Lopes caught singing right of the building site by his co-workers who shared the video in Facebook. 

 Lopes performed rendition of Nessun Dorma. The most famous performer of this aria today is Luciano Pavarotti, but the young man has all chances to reach the popularity of the great master: his video turned to be on the front page of world's tabloids.

David says that he is not a professional singer yet, singing is just his hobby. It was his childhood dream - to become a professional singer and he is going to make his dream come true. He came to Sydney from Brazil, but believes that the job he does now is temporal and he sees his future at the Sydney's Opera House stage.

As a child, Lopez sang in a church choir, and now he is on his way to his dream. The talented construction guy shared his ambitious dreams about the future of the opera singer and confessed that he is already making a contribution to hi career - whatever he earns he gives for English and singing classes.

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