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Property for Sale Sunny Beach

Property for sale Sunny beachEnjoy the beautiful gulf on the Black Sea with property for sale Sunny Beach

Situated along the widest beach strip along the Black Sea coast, Sunny Beach is the largest and most popular beach resort in Bulgaria. Though covered with numerous bars and restaurants, entertainment spots and the throngs of tourists, Sunny Beach is a Blue flag winning resort for its pristine gulf. Hence, property for sale Sunny Beach attracts many who want beauty among development.

Be a ‘beach bum’ with a property for sale in Sunny Beach

One of the best beaches along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Sunny Beach has developed infrastructure to cater to those attracted to the ocean. With numerous water sports, sand dunes and the two water parks near the resort pull in adrenaline junkies from all over. The yacht marina of Sveti Vlas is also close by.a number of beach competitions, fashion shows and a part of the International folklore Festival, the Decade of Symphony Music held here in Sunny Beach. Owning a place here is for people who love the beach, the sea and revel in it.

Take numerous day trips with a property for sale in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is very close to Burgas and the ancient city of Nessebar. Take in Balkan history and culture at Nessebar, from the Thracians to the modern Red Army, or enjoy the wetlands around Burgas and look in awe at the thousands of migratory birds and other species of animals which collect here. Sunny Beach is also very close to both Burgas Airport and Varna International Airport. Having a place here will not only allow for short trips in Bulgaria, but also in the Balkans or anywhere in Europe or outside.

A property for sale in Sunny Beach: a beach home or a historical chalet

Having a property on Sunny Beach allows one to enjoy everything about the beach and take advantage of the amount of development that has taken place to make the resort a pride for Bulgaria. History buffs, environmentalists and art connoisseurs will also be interested in a place here for its proximity to the numerous ancient towns lining along the Black Sea coast. Your beautiful property can be found on the website
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