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Pego PropertiesThings you need to know about the town before purchasing Pego properties

Pego, a small town in Spain, is a municipality with a population of about 11,000 people. Located 100 kilometers from Valencia, it is a great option for fans of a calm and measured rhythm of life. The area is surrounded by mountains, and therefore every small piece of land is used with wisdom for the purpose -  olives, dates, grapes, oranges, lemons and much more are cultivated here. Property prices in Pego are not as high as in the coastal Spanish cities. If you are willing to live in a beautiful sunny town, you should definitely think about purchasing Pego properties.

Top reasons why you should purchase Pego properties

Tourists, who are tired of noise in their hometowns, will love a calm atmosphere of Pego. Here you can admire the beautiful views of mountains surrounding the area that is in no way inferior to the beauty of architectural buildings of Valencia. The infrastructure of the city includes a modern sports center, a football field, a swimming pool, a tennis school and a mountaineering school. Residents are very friendly, life in the city is subject to its own rhythm and order, and the quality of life is in no way inferior to a large city. Good ecology, developed infrastructure and the opportunity to be in a big city at any time are just a few obvious reasons why Pego is so popular among foreign buyers.

High demand on properties in Pego

Year-round warm climate, developed urban infrastructure, investment prospects are significant advantages of housing in Pego. This is a comfortable property in Spain, suitable for regular visits and permanent residence. Pego is located away from the resort giants, so renting a house here is very inexpensive in comparison with the coast. If you want to buy real estate - villas, apartments, houses, penthouses and bungalows, then in the city of Pego you will find cheaper price than in other regions of Spain.

Price ranges for properties in Pego

A 2-bedroom apartment with a swimming pool, all the necessary home appliances and the area of 60 square meters costs around 70 thousand Euros, while the same apartment closer to the sea can cost up to 100 thousand Euros. A townhouse with 3 bedrooms can be purchased for around 150 thousand Euros. If you are willing to have your own property in Pego, check the following link:
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