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Millionaires are massively moving to Australia
Australia has become a major country, where in 2016 moved the richest people of the planet. According to current statistics, during the past four years the number of migrating rich people, whose wealth exceeds a minimum of $ 1 million, has increased by 60%. So, in 2016, the number of millionaires who changed their country of residence has reached the mark of 82 thousand, and 11 thousand of them decided to move to Australia.

Thus, the Australian direction becomes the most attractive for millionaires: even the US lost with a bit from Australia according to this indicator, as the country managed to attract 10 thousand millionaires. The third place in popularity among millionaires is occupied by Canada, which attracted at least 8 thousand rich people for the purpose of an extended stay.
Among the most interesting for millionaires also have become countries like New Zealand (4 thousand) and the UK (3 thousand). Also millionaires were actively moving to China, India, Mauritius, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, but these directions are far from the "top" status.

It is noteworthy that many Chinese millionaires migrate to Australia, even though the country itself attracts many wealthy of this world. So, the Chinese rich people are willing to use the Australian investment program, in which when investing in the economy of the country of 5 million Australian dollars it is possible to obtain a special investor visa, which is extremely convenient for immigration - those migrants originating from China were more than a thousand.
Among the countries that, on the contrary, were massively deprived of its citizens-millionaires was France, which in 2016 lost about 12 thousand millionaires, China - with 9 thousand people with a fortune, as well as Brazil, which was left by 8 thousand millionaires searching for a better life.

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