Houses in Veliko Tarnovo in one of the most cozy and attractive places in Bulgaria

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Houses in Veliko Tarnovo in one of the most cozy and attractive places in Bulgaria

Houses in Veliko TarnovoVariants of houses in Veliko Tarnovo and the best places to buy

Veliko Tarnovo is one of the best cities with architecture of different styles. Churches, cathedrals and other architectural attractions attract tens of thousands of tourists a year. Many foreigners buy real estate for recreation, and many choose real estate for permanent residence. Houses in Veliko Tarnovo have a fairly low price in comparison with similar real estate in Europe. Europeans prefer to buy new real estate, built according to European standards. They choose houses with large terraces and dazzling views of the mountains. Houses with close access to the Yantra River are also popular.

Old building houses in Veliko Tarnovo

There are old houses with antique furniture in the property market in Veliko Tarnovo. The cost of such houses is from 100,000 euros. The Ottoman Empire greatly influenced the culture and architecture of the city. Turks are not only guests of this city, but also frequent buyers of real estate in this region. Houses in Veliko Tarnovo combine the architecture of the Romans, Byzantines and Thracians. These houses are being restored and modernized, so they enjoy good demand in the real estate market.

Houses for sale in Veliko Tarnovo for business

Developers buy land and build modern residential complexes and cottage settlements with their own infrastructure on the outskirts of Veliko Tarnovo. Investors invest their capital in small hotels and guest houses. Rooms in such houses are well rent out. The cost of renting a room is from 15 euros per day. This is not only a good business, but also living in an ecologically clean place with all the necessary conditions for life.

Advantages of buying a house Veliko Tarnovo

A house in Veliko Tarnovo can be an excellent holiday destination. Well-developed infrastructure, clean mountain air and pleasant prices for real estate are the main advantages of owning real estate. Here you can take a guide and go on hiking routes to the picturesque places. You can to see the skilful works of artisans, potters and joiners at local fairs. Many artists go to this place to draw their best pictures. In addition, Veliko Tarnovo is an educational center, where about 10,000 students study. There are all conditions for permanent residence here. Economy and tourism attract businessmen. Therefore, tourism and the city's economy are developing at a rapid pace. The best options for houses in Veliko Tarnovo are on our website
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