Interesting options and affordable prices for houses in Cardiff for rent

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Interesting options and affordable prices for houses in Cardiff for rent

Jouses in Cardiff for rentStudents and tourists create great demand to houses in Cardiff for rent

Cardiff is the capital of Wales with a historical heritage. There is an important port in this city. Medieval castles and churches attract millions of tourists to this city. Cardiff is a modern city with a developed infrastructure. In Cardiff is one of the best universities in the UK. There is a great demand for real estate, namely the houses in Cardiff for rent.

Affordable prices and options for houses in Cardiff for rent

A small house in Cardiff can be rented for 500-700 pounds per month and for 100 pounds per day. Of course, a house with several bedrooms will cost more. The average price for renting a house will be 700-900 pounds per month. Such low prices attract to this city not only tourists but also people for permanent residence. This price is also popular with investors, so they often invest in houses for subsequent rental. Fans of art, visiting Cardiff are interested in old houses with antique elements of the interior. Of course the price of such a house is high, but not more than 2000 pounds a month. This house must be rented in advance, because there are always a lot of people who want to.

Choosing a house in Cardiff for rent

There is not enough student real estate in Cardiff. Therefore, annually more than 10,000 students are looking for real estate for rent. Student apartments are very popular. But recently, more and more often rent houses.  Families with children, who come to Cardiff to rest, also prefer to rent houses. The plot near the house or the garden gives an additional area for games. And you can spend more time outdoors. Cardiff is really clean city, because 10% of the entire territory of Cardiff - it's the green zone areas. Therefore, families with children and pensioners often move to Cardiff.

A profitable investment in a house in Cardiff for rent

 In the real estate market of student campuses, such as Cardiff, there are proposals to buy a house with student apartments. The number of apartments is about 20. Having a large capital, it is very profitable to invest in such housing. After all, in the future, it brings 10% per annum. You can daily to rent out your house and have profit from 30%. It is more profitable to rent out your own house. Cardiff is a popular city among tourists, so the demand for real estate will always be high. A large selection of houses in Cardiff for rent you can find on our website
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