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Cheap Bulgarian propertiesBuying cheap Bulgarian properties is a good investment

Maybe it will sound a bit rough, but it's still not in vain that buyers of cheap Bulgarian properties become those who need money. Why? First, housing in this country is inexpensive, but in a few years it can start to generate profits only because property prices are gradually increasing. If Bulgaria is included in the list of Schengen states, then it will become an additional impetus to the growth of the price per square meter. Therefore, buying an apartment in this Balkan country is a good investment. Real estate in this country is becoming more popular among foreign buyers. And one of the client groups is interested in ensuring quality rest in the resorts for themselves and their families.

Having own cheap Bulgarian properties, you can come to rest at any time without spending at the same time funds for rent or hotel room

Mostly the apartments in the new homes are already furnished. This means that the floor in the apartment is covered with laminate or tiled tiles, walls and ceilings of white color for finishing, in the bathroom and the toilet is all ready for use: walls and floors are tiled, plumbing installed. In the place where the kitchen is planned, all electrical conclusions for the required kitchen equipment are prepared. Having own accommodation in the resort, you can come to rest at any time without spending at the same time funds for rent or hotel room.

Prices on the cheap Bulgarian property have not yet managed to take off

If you plan to have a rest in these wonderful places or, moreover, to buy a house in Bulgaria at sea, remember that the season on the southern coast lasts longer, real estate is cheaper. For rest there is everything: resorts with noisy restaurants, discos and entertainment for the youth, as well as quiet small villages, where in the high season there were few foreigners. A square meter of housing in a Bulgarian resort costs only 800-900 euros. Of course, possible deviations from both sides, depending on the city, distance from the sea and other factors. Bulgaria is Europe. And prices have not yet managed to take off. Therefore, to buy a house near the sea or in the mountains is quite realistic for the average family that has set aside money for several years.

How to buy cheap Bulgarian property?

Real estate can be viewed and selected during the study tour. Subsequently deposit is made, the terms of purchase are agreed and the previous agreement is signed. After payment of the full cost, the notarial registration of the property in the property is carried out. Considering the question "what sea in Bulgaria", you can evaluate it and the part of saltiness: it is twice less salty than, for example, the Mediterranean. Due to this, water does not pinch your eyes, and if you take into account the fact that almost everywhere on the coast it does not immediately begin from the depths, and the visit is smooth, then it becomes clear why young families with children and elderly people go to rest here. For more information on our website
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City / Community: Bliznaci village

Available apartments: 12

from $82 243
to $187 575
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 7

from $38 873
to $107 167
City / Community: Sozopol city

Available apartments: 53

from $56 075
to $191 203
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $115 931
to $127 474
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