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Cheap apartments in Burgas

Cheap apartments in BurgasBulgarian real estate market and cheap apartments in Burgas

Recently the popularity of the Bulgarian property market has increased due to the alluring opportunities it offers. This country has the lowest prices for housing. That’s why a sheer number of foreigners rush here to acquire the accommodation at the pleasing price. It is to be noted that approximately 10 per cent of the country’s property market consists of foreign buyers. These foreign buyers are usually looking for vacation accommodations and acquire property at the seaside since they are fascinated by beauty of the Black Sea coastline. They mostly occupy cities which do not have sky-high prices. For example, cheap apartments in Burgas, Varna and Nessebar are a decoy for tourists. 

What else attracts tourists except for cheap apartments in Burgas?

This getaway is a place where you will never get bored. The list of cultural assets here is endless. Once you are in this city, it is necessary to visit Maritime Park. It stretches along the coast of the Black Sea and abounds in splendid fountains, monuments, places for entertainment: cafes, restaurants and so on. In fact, this park is considered to be a donaire of the getaway. Here you can admire alluring views over the sea from the terraces, and there is a way which leads toward the beach. It sounds alluring, doesn’t it? If you want to explore other destinations of the city, you definitely must it.

Is it difficult to find a cheap apartment in Burgas?

The city offers diverse options for housing. It can be a small flat, a chalet, a villa, a penthouse, etc. price range is quite broad. As a rule, vacation accommodations are in high demand and, in fact, this variant is the most affordable. Real estate agents can offer you any vacation house in different locations. Sure thing, it is to be noted that a price of the dwelling depends directly on the location. As an example, you can acquire a house on the suburbs for €19,000. So you can see that best prices for realty are only on the Bulgarian real estate market!

Are you eager to buy a cheap apartment in Burgas?

So you see that in this city as well as in this country everything is for people and for their comfortable living. It is an incredible opportunity to get acquainted with country’s culture, history and traditions. It will be an extra experience for you. In case you’re going to Burgas or any other cities and have a desire to buy or rent dwelling, then you are welcome to our site where you’ll everything needed
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