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Apartments for sale in Sozopol

Apartments for sale in SozopolThings you need to know about the city before getting apartments for sale Sozopol

Sozopol is a small resort and fishing town on the southern coast of Bulgaria, located 34 km south of Bourgas on a picturesque peninsula in the southern part of the Burgas Bay. Tourists are attracted by two quiet, beautiful beaches with golden sand: one in a closed bay and the second, larger, stretches to the south of the city. For many decades, narrow and steep streets of Sozopol, its ancient wooden houses with bay windows, vines, wine cellars, ancient churches and chapels, museums and fishing boats attracted artists and writers from all over the world. If you want to live in the incredible sunny place, you should definitely think about getting one of apartments for sale Sozopol.

Top reasons why you should get one of apartments for sale Sozopol

Getting your own apartment in Sozopol, you will once and for all solve the problem of recreation, as your life will never get bored. Attractive modern buildings and well-developed infrastructure, combined with old shady streets and paved cobblestone, create a unique atmosphere. Great conditions are created here not only for those, who like beach holidays, but also for those, who value active pastime and various entertainments.

Apartments for sale in Sozopol: Old and New cities

Real estate market offers apartments in the old and new part of the city and in the area of Budjaka, which is the fastest growing in the city. New proposals in the Old Town are rare and they are quite expensive. If you want to settle close to the Old Town, a good alternative is to buy an apartment in a new part of Sozopol. It will be cheaper - a square meter of housing in the New City costs 800-850 Euros, while apartments with the sea view - from 1000 Euros.

Elite properties: apartment for sale Sozopol

To have an apartment here is a dream of everyone, who has visited Sozopol at least once. Elite apartments with panoramic sea views and full amenities on the first line cost from 1000 up to 1500 Euros per a square meter. Apartments on the second and third lines are offered at a price of 600-700 Euros per a square meter. If you are willing to have your own housing in Sozopol, check the following link:
TOP Properties
City / Community: Bliznaci village

Available apartments: 12

from $82 243
to $187 575
City / Community: Sozopol city

Available apartments: 53

from $56 075
to $191 203
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 7

from $38 873
to $107 167
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $115 931
to $127 474
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