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Apartments for rent in Sunny beach

Apartments for rent in Sunny beachPopularity of apartments for rent Sunny Beach offers

It is summertime and everybody is packing the luggage to go on holidays. While looking through the endless list of getaways you would rather decide on Sunny Beach resort. It is one of the most prestigious summer getaways in the whole of Europe. It is a fact that people from all corners of the world come here in order to get enjoyment of the sea and blow the cobwebs away while visiting discos and various cultural assets. It is to be noted that stable economy of the country contributes to the stable costs of realty what makes it to be affordable for foreign investors. There are people with different financial opportunities, hence, there are such people who can’t afford and, actually, don’t have such a desire to acquire realty. Then apartments for rent Sunny Beach has are at your disposal.

Broad price range of the apartments for rent Sunny Beach offers

There are different types of rental at this resort. There is no doubt that everybody is willing to find an accommodation at the pleasing price.  The matter is that the prices vary depending on the place of the accommodation. In fact, realty near the beach has higher prices, for example, € 120 000 for a new chalet with up-to-date facilities in 5 minutes from the beach. Meanwhile, accommodations on the outskirts have significantly lower prices. As an example, a fully-equipped cottage in the quite outskirt can be bought for €57 000. The difference is significant. But in general this getaway has the highest prices on the coastline since it is believed to be best-value.

Enjoy the nice weather and apartments for rent in Sunny Beach

The spot always has a nice weather. It has such a name because of the great amount of sunshine that is recorded in summertime. The clime is mild here, so you will never be baking in the sun and won’t suffer from the cold weather at the same time. The climate is suitable for a good rest and treatment of various diseases. August is the warmest month and the driest at the same time. In fact, it is better to go here starting from April since the sun is already active here at this time.

 Apartment for rent Sunny Beach offers is waiting for you!

This paradisiacal spot has always been a preferred attraction for holidaymakers who are longing to the best holidays ever. The spot fascinates foreign tourists with a diversity of things to do and to see here. You will definitely have never-to-be-forgotten adventures here! The question of the housing is really easy-solved here. So book the rental beforehand on our site
TOP Properties
City / Community: Bliznaci village

Available apartments: 12

from $82 617
to $188 428
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $116 458
to $128 054
City / Community: Sozopol city

Available apartments: 47

from $54 673
to $187 765
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 7

from $39 050
to $107 655
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